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Beretta PX4 Storm Full Light-Mounted Compensator

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This Compensator model is designed to mount to a Beretta Px4 Storm Full / 9mm & .40 Cal Compact Tactical Handgun via a SureFire X300U-A Weapon Light. 

Introducing the Vantage Point Armory Compensator — Elevate your shooting experience with precision, control, and an unwavering commitment to American craftsmanship. The Vantage Point Armory Compensator redefines the shooting and self-defense landscape by combining cutting-edge technology with a patent pending design.

Designed to minimize recoil, this compensator empowers you to maintain control over your firearm, shot after shot. The Vantage Point Armory Compensator transforms your shooting experience, offering enhanced stability and quicker target reacquisition, allowing you to dominate the range or field with ease and unparalleled accuracy and confidence.

Crafted with precision from premium materials sourced in the USA, the Vantage Point Armory Compensator is built to withstand the rigors of intense shooting sessions while providing long-lasting reliability. Drop tests have proven the Vantage Point Compensator to be as rugged as it is effective.

The Vantage Point Armory Light-Mounted Compensator is an ideal choice for those who want enhanced performance and run a weapon light.  This Light-Mounted Compensator interfaces with the pistol via weapon mounted light. This Compensator model is designed to mount to a Beretta Px4 Storm Full / 9mm & .40 Cal Compact Tactical Handgun via a SureFire X300U-A Weapon Light. 

To install the compensator, simply fasten the one-piece compensator to the weapon light be lining up the bolt pattern that is on the weapon light, lining up the the accessory from your pistol. Then attach the accessory to the compensator’s rails using the small threaded bolts included with the SureFire. The compensator mounting fork replaces the accessory’s original attachment rails such that the attachment hardware of the accessory itself is used to “lock” the combined compensator and accessory onto to the frame of the pistol. To prevent screws from backing out, we recommend using Blue Loctite during assembly.

Experience the perfect balance between functionality and adaptability as you configure your firearm to meet the demands of any situation.

The benefits of the Patent Pending Vantage Point Armory Compensators are as follows:

Holster Selection: Any universal holster (e.g., PHLster Floodlight) or custom holster that normally accepts a standard frame-mounted accessory such as a Surefire X300U-A light or Streamlite TLR-7 will fit with no modifications to the holster because the accessory remains in the same location as when mounted using the original rails that originally came with the accessory.

Standoff Device: When in a situation where the muzzle of the firearm is pushed up against its intended target, the pistol will not go out of battery and therefore it will still be able to fire with the compensator in place. 

Ease of Cleaning: Barrel-mounted compensators need to be disassembled and unthreaded to be cleaned which can be a hassle and time consuming to re-time the device. This unit can just be unclamped from the rail by disengaging the locking lug on the accessory for easy field stripping and cleaning of the firearm and compensator.

Reliable Compensation: During firing of the weapon, the attached compensator funnels the gas from the propellant through the ports machined into the compensator.  This acts the same as other compensators on the market.  However, because this system is not attached to the slide or barrel it does not inhibit, change or impede the cycling action of the pistol.

Price vs. Competition: Since the Vantage Point Compensator mounts to the accessory rail, there is no need for expensive aftermarket barrels.

50 State Legal: Since no threaded barrel is required, our compensator is legal in all 50 states.

Sleek Design: The designer has matched the lines of each individual slide to the compensator, resulting in a streamlined device.

The sleek and purposeful design of the Vantage Point Armory Compensator is a fitting addition to any firearm that demands peak performance. Elevate your marksmanship and make every shot count. Vantage Point Armory Compensator — where precision meets power.

  • Compatible with: Beretta Px4 Storm Full / 9mm & .40 Cal Compact Tactical Handgun
  • Anodize Color: Black
  • Material: 7075 Aluminum
  • Rated for Standard and +P/+P+ Ammo
  • Factory slide, barrel, and frame required for proper installation

Results may vary depending on the handler. Vantage Point Armory is not in any way responsible for the misuse of firearms or firearm parts/accessories or the results of such misuse. We highly recommend gun owners inspect parts and accessories frequently. This will help mitigate the possibility of accidents and malfunctions.

*The Vantage Point Compensator is intended for use on OEM pistols only - VPA does not guarantee function or reliability with aftermarket or modified guns.

*The "U" latch on the Surefire X3000U-A must be used.

DISCLAIMER: This product is not manufactured, authorized, endorsed, or warranted by Beretta. Beretta does not warrant or represent that this product is compatible with Beretta pistols.

DISCLAIMER: Neither Vantage Point Armory, LLC nor this site are affiliated in any manner with, or otherwise endorsed by Beretta. The use of “Beretta” on this page is merely to advertise the sale of Beretta pistols, parts, or components. Components and parts that do not specifically have Beretta listed as the manufacturer are made by their respective company. Such parts may be intended for use with Beretta components but are not produced by Beretta. For additional genuine Beretta products and parts visit


Step-by-Step Instructions for Assembling the Beretta PX4 Storm Full Light-Mounted Compensator (SureFire X300U-A Weapon Light)

Before you begin, ensure you have the following:

  • VP Armory Beretta PX4 Storm Full Light-Mounted Compensator (SureFire X300U-A Weapon Light)
  • SureFire X300U-A Weapon Light
  • 3/32” Allen Wrench
  • Torque wrench (optional but recommended)
  • Beretta PX4 Storm Full
  1. Verify the Correct Light:
    • Ensure you have the required light for the assembly, specifically the SureFire X300U-A Weapon Light.
  1. Prepare the Firearm:
    • Ensure the firearm is unloaded before proceeding.

    3. Install the Lock Bar:

    • The lock bar comes with a stainless wedge block that allows you to increase tension. Plastic frame guns can vary, so this wedge helps fill in any gaps and provide tension. Begin by installing the lock bar into the light, making sure to utilize the U rail lock during assembly.
    • *The "U" latch on the Surefire X3000U-A must be used.

    4. Attach the Light:

    • Proceed to attach the light onto the compensator. Start by inserting one screw to facilitate the process, then continue with the remaining screws.

    5. Secure the Screws:

    • Once all screws are in place, tighten all six bolts 5 inch-pounds to ensure the compensator is firmly attached.
    • If you don’t have a torque wrench, tighten all six bolts until they are fully seated, then an additional 1/8 of a turn to ensure they are fully seated and secure.

    6. Release the Lock Clamp:

    • To release the lock clamp, pull back the two wings located on the sides of the assembly.

    7. Align and Slide Pistol:

    • Align the rails of the pistol with those of the compensator, then smoothly slide the pistol onto the compensator.

    8. Lock the Bar:

    • Push the lock bar inward until it securely locks into place, ensuring a tight and stable fit

    9. Adjust for Stability:

    • If there is any noticeable wiggle or looseness, utilize the wedge block to add tension until the setup feels firm and secure.

   10. Perform a Test:

    • Finally, perform a quick test to verify that the installation is secure and functioning properly.

   11. Completion

    • Following these detailed steps will effectively assemble the Beretta PX4 Storm Full Light-Mounted Compensator with the SureFire X300U-A Weapon Light.