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Target Tacks™

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Target Practice Made Easy™

Perfect For Use With Firearms, Air-Guns, And Archery.

We are excited to now offer this product from our friends at TargetTacks™ - they are a Veteran-Owned Business and make all of their products in the USA. 

1 Inch TargetTacks® are perfect for use with various firearm, airgun and archery trajectories, across cardboard, plastic backers, Styrofoam blocks, polyfusion blocks, Morrell Cubes, BigShot Iron Man crossbow targets and poly-wrap bags, backers, backstops and substrates.

3 Inch TargetTacks® perfect for use with various archery trajectories, across, layered foam indoor and outdoor professional backstops, Styrofoam blocks such as TuffBlock, MO’ Go and Greenline Foam Blocks, from Delta McKenzie, backyard recreation layered foam blocks, from Black Hole B-22 style Targets, straw style butts and hay bale type backers, backstops, and substrates.

Four TargetTacks are required to properly secure and hold in place, commonly used paper-based targets, for supported substrates.  If you are using larger sized targets, over 16 inches tall and wide, you may require additional TargetTacks to securely hold and/or minimize wind movement of larger sized paper-based targets based on substrate, substrate covering, or exterior used.  Please read and save instructions with included warnings, before each use to ensure instructions are followed for safety, proper use, storage, and disposal of our TargetTacks.