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About Us


With a legacy in precision-machining high-quality broadheads within the archery industry, Vantage Point is embracing a new era of growth and innovation. The decision to expand the brand to include Armory and Outdoors is fueled by a commitment to applying machining expertise to a broader range of products and experiences.


Vantage Point is a powerhouse for custom machining across the country. Our extensive experience in CAD design, engineering, material purchasing, and more has allowed Vantage Point to make strides in the archery industry and expand into other industries.


Vantage Point’s mission has always been to create and supply durable, American-made broadheads to the market to make bowhunting more ethical – that mission lives on with the brand expansion. Vantage Point’s commitment to providing top-tier, American-made products remains unwavering, ensuring that high-quality solutions are accessible to archers, firearm enthusiasts, and outdoor enthusiasts alike.


As we embark on this exciting journey, customers can anticipate an enhanced product portfolio, exciting collaborations, and a renewed focus on delivering top-tier products for all their outdoor pursuits. 


VP’s roots run deep in Precise Custom Machining. We started out as a machine shop over 20 years ago. That machine shop, Absolute Machining, is still a powerhouse for custom machining in the midwest and beyond. We are fortunate to have a sister-company with extensive experience in CAD design, pre-production consultation, engineering, material purchasing, and more.


Learn more about Absolute’s capabilities here


We heavily invest in new equipment to keep our shop at the forefront of cutting-edge technology. We have the capabilities to manufacture not only for the archery and firearms industry, but other industries as well.


We machine broadheads, field points, arrow footers, and other archery accessories. We can also manufacture components for bows, sharpeners, presses, and more. We manufacture for the firearms industry - providing our customers with gunsmithing, reloading, competition rest, and barrel changing accessories equipment. 


Other industries we serve include Industrial, Aluminum Extrusion, U.S. Military, Automotive, Aerospace, and Medical.